Top 10 heroes and villains of 2015: Raspberry Pi, Donald Trump and the EU

Another dramatic year comes to a close. The technology world was full of twists and turns, shocks, dramas and intrigues, headed by a cast of heroes and villains who played central roles throughout the year.

The V3 team has taken a look back over the past 12 months to pick five heroes and five villains and consider why they were so notable and the impact they had.

10. Hero: Isis Anchalee for women in technology efforts

Isis Wenger

Isis Anchalee was responsible for the #iLookLikeAnEngineer hashtag, which became a global phenomenon earlier this year.

The hashtag was sparked by the many negative responses Anchalee received after appearing in a recruitment campaign for her employer, OneLogIn.

The advert, which also featured two male OneLogIn workers, received comments on social media ranging from people thinking she was not the “right face” for the advert, to sheer disbelief that an IT worker could look like her.

“The reality is that most people are well-intentioned but genuinely blind to a lot of the crap that those who do not identify as male have to deal with,” Anchalee explained.

“This industry’s culture fosters an unconscious lack of sensitivity towards those who do not fit a certain mould. I’m sure that every other woman and non-male identifying person in this field has a long list of mild to extreme personal offences that they’ve just had to tolerate.”

She added that she had been the subject of misogynistic comments and behaviour in various IT positions.

But rather than sit back and let the situation lie, Anchalee decided to take action and try to achieve something from her experience. She posted a picture of herself on Twitter holding a card saying: ‘I help build enterprise software’ with the #iLookLikeAnEngineer hashtag.

The tweet generated strong support from other women in technology, who also started uploading pictures of themselves under the hashtag, helping to challenge the perception of the IT industry as a male-dominated domain. 

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