Top 10 iPhone travel apps to keep you moving

Travelling can either be a blissful escape from everyday life or a hectic and frustrating rush from one form of transport to another. Thankfully, the range of apps on offer for iOS mobile devices can help ease the process of hopping between cities or countries.

A wealth of digital maps, databases, planners and more are available on Apple’s App Store that help iPhone and iPad users turn their devices into the perfect travel companions – just remember to pack a charger.

Last week V3 looked at the best iOS apps for business, which included several travel-centric apps. This week we take a closer look at the top 10 apps that make travelling in the UK or abroad a much more enjoyable experience.

10. Everplaces (free)

everplacesOne of the advantages of travelling is the amount of great places you can stumble upon. But remembering those that really stood out for future reference can be a challenge for frequent travellers.

The Everplaces app does the memory work for you by bookmarking your location and recording your notes and photos, meaning the little restaurant that won you over does not fade into an obscure memory.

For those keen to share their experiences, Everplaces allows users to create maps with personalised guides to be sent to friends or uploaded on a personal blog for others to appreciate.

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