Top 10 monkeys in tech: From simian selfies to space race chimps

Recently the tech headlines saw the appearance of a most unlikely character. A selfie-snapping simian who has posed some serious questions about copyright law, and gave us all a good chuckle.

V3 was rather taken by the cheeky chimp’s escapades, and office talk soon turned to other monkeys, apes and gorillas that have made their mark on the world of tech. No doubt your office was much the same. Right?

So taking a break from cloud computing, smartphones and security concerns, this week’s top 10 takes a lighter look at the impact the monkey, and monkey-themed tech, has had on man’s technological life.

Let us know if we missed your favourite monkey moments in the comments box.

10. Corning Gorilla Glass

Dell Latitude 10Corning’s Gorilla Glass has become well known in recent years as the leading brand of strengthened glass for screens in portable devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops, although other brands are available, of course.

Gorilla Glass gets its name because it exemplifies the ‘gorilla’s attributes of toughness and beauty’, according to Corning, rather than being designed to withstand the backside of an 800 pound gorilla sitting on your tablet, as some foolish people may think.

The glass itself undergoes a chemical strengthening process during manufacturing to resist scratches that might otherwise weaken the glass and cause it to break.

Whatever the reason, many users who have accidentally dropped their device have had reason to thank Corning for its invention, rather than suffer the inconvenience of a crazed screen.

In addition, Corning is helping gorillas in real life though its funding of the gorilla protection and monitoring efforts of the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International.

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