Top 10 most read: G3 vs S5, iOS 7.1.2 security update, IBM London data centre

LG launched its G3 flagship phone in the UK market at the start of July, and it’s clearly of interest to V3 readers. We’ve compared the device with the Galaxy S5 to see if it’s a better buy than Samsung’s premium model, and whether the G3’s laser auto-focus, QHD screen and quirky design can beat the S5’s security and fitness features.

Apple updated its mobile operating system to add various security fixes to iOS, for example resolving an issue that left mail attachments open to attackers. However, many iPad and iPhone users have since complained that the update has caused a host of new problems, for example issues with the Calendar app, so be sure to read our latest iOS 7.1.2 article to see if it’s worth moving to the new version if you haven’t already done so.

Among the regular raft of security threats we reported last week, IBM announced it will be opening a new data centre in Chessington just outside London this month to support its SoftLayer cloud computing plans.

LG G3 vs Galaxy S5 head to head review screenLG G3 vs Galaxy S5 head-to-head review
We see which Korean-born Android smartphone is the best




Apple logoApple releases iOS 7.1.2 update for iPhone and iPad with several security fixes
Numerous fixes arrive in 23MB update



Closed signMicrosoft admits to error in anti-malware No-IP account takedown
Many innocent victims pulled into clean-up takedown




Stacks in a datacentreIBM will open London data centre in July in SoftLayer cloud computing expansion
Local data centre to host space for more than 15,000 servers



Malware cyber criminalAndroid HijackRAT malware app poses major risk to mobile banking customers
Masquerades as Google Service Framework to dupe antivirus



mushroom cloudUS CERT urges critical infrastructure firms to hunt for Dragonfly hackers
Emergency response team says threat must be tackled




EU flagEuro-cops get crash course in fighting cybercrime
37 officers from 22 countries to be trained in advanced techniques



security risk managementEvolved Cridex cyber attack found with 50,000 stolen credentials
Cyber attack gets self-replicating botnet capabilities



black-holeCosmicDuke hackers caught hitting UK government systems
First attacks leveraging evolved malware discovered



Big data Internet of Things is needed to stimulate IT investment, says Gartner
Expect single-digit IT growth for foreseeable future

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