Top 10 most read: LG G3 on sale, Android L adds Samsung Knox, Intel details Knights Landing

The hottest news of last week for V3 readers was LG’s G3 smartphone going on sale in the UK. The Korean firm’s flagship is aiming to compete with the iPhone 5S and Galaxy S5 to win the title of best and most popular high-end smartphone, but based on its current reach in the British market, LG has a long way to go to oust competition from Apple and Samsung.

There was also much excitement around Intel disclosing further details about its next-generation high-performance computing (HPC) processor, codenamed Knights Landing. The chip is likely to appear in systems from late 2015, and will be based on a version of the Silvermont core used in Intel’s Atom processors, with HPC enhancements including a low-latency mesh for inter-core communication.

Google has been busy in its labs, with a flurry of announcements from its I/O conference last week. The most interesting of these for IT managers is news that Google will build Samsung’s Knox mobile security technology into the upcoming version of Android. Google also unveiled further details of Android L, which adds more than 5,000 application programming interfaces (APIs) and a completely reworked user interface.

LG G3 review three-quarterLG G3 Android smartphone release date announced
Pricing likely to be around £400 for flagship phone




Intel Knights Landing Xeon Phi processorIntel details Knights Landing chip for 2015 release with Omni Scale interconnect
Next-generation Xeon Phi will be a 3-teraflop chip with 16GB of on-package memory and integrated Omni Scale interconnect



Malware cyber criminalLuuuk hack campaign steals €500,000 in one week from European bank
Clients of ‘large European bank’ should be extra vigilant, says Kaspersky Lab



Samsung Knox.Android L Knox integration is essential in the fight against hackers
But Google’s 0.5 percent mobile malware encounter rate is bogus, says security community



Microsoft Surface Pro 3 with Type Cover and stylusMicrosoft Surface Pro 3 with Intel i5 chip hits the shelves
Only US buyers able to get device at present, though




cloud-mind-gamesEC wants cloud computing to be governed by standardised service-level agreements
How to save money and increase benefits



champagne86French whine over Icann’s .wine and .vin domain deals
Domains could undermine France’s most famous export, argues minister




Edward Snowden NSA Prism whistleblowerNSA and GCHQ mass surveillance a waste of time, says Edward Snowden
Monitoring everything has never stopped a thing, claims Snowden




Heartbleed has created problems across the web worldHeartbleed flaw still a threat to more than 300,000 servers
Only 9,000 servers patched in last month




Android logoGoogle unveils Android L update with new ‘Material Design’ and upgraded security
Update features more than 5,000 new APIs and a completely reworked user interface

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