Top 10 most read: MoD cool tech, NSA kit tampering, Microsoft TechEd

New innovations on the horizon in the tech sector are always exciting and generate lots of interest, so it was no surprise our report on work at the Ministry of Defence (MoD) into quantum cooling was the most popular story of last week.

The work could lead to major new innovations in GPS and timing technologies, helping improve accuracy massively. Of course such innovations don’t change the world overnight, but could well creep into our daily lives in the years ahead.

Elsewhere, in the more murky side of the tech industry, revelations that the NSA tampers with hardware kit from vendors such as Cisco to help it monitor key targets came to light, with Cisco outraged by the revelations.

Security was also top of the agenda at Microsoft’s TechEd event in Houston, attended by V3. We heard how Windows Phone 8.1 is gunning for Android and iOS with key business features, while encryption for Office 365 is on the way.

Finally, the European Court of Justice handed down a controversial ruling that Google must remove information when requested by individuals exercising their so-called “right to be forgotten”.

Needless to say many have questioned the wisdom of this, arguing the ruling could help people hide more unsavoury parts of their past that others may have a right to know about. This will undoubtedly run and run.

npl-cold-atom-semiconductorMoD warms to cool atoms for navigation, timing and sensitivity tech leap
Advanced tech could improve GPS accuracy

A Cisco logo on a buildingNSA seen tampering with Cisco kit to add surveillance tools
Snowden revelations continue to shake tech sector

hacker-computerTechEd: Tor cannot stop PRISM snoops and cyber crooks
MVP says secret network will not keep you safe

Windows Phone 8.1 live tilesTechEd: Microsoft bets on Windows Phone 8.1 security to beat iOS and Android
Tough battle to catch market leaders, though

 Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 video review
We see how firm’s latest hardware offering matches up

google-eraserGoogle already receiving take down requests after ‘right to be forgotten’ ruling
Outrage at can-of-worms ruling

Toshiba KiraToshiba Kira review
We put another Windows 8.1 laptop through its paces



Microsoft Office 365 devices

TechEd: Microsoft plans Office 365 encryption and iOS and Android device management tools
Redmond hopes to make life easier for IT staff

barclays-canary-wharfBarclays plans to shed up to 5,600 IT jobs as part of sweeping cuts
Bank admits IT staff in the firing line

notxpMicrosoft insists no more Windows XP security upgrades amid Patch Tuesday fixes
Firm adamant no more fixes for ancient operating system

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