Top 10 smartphones for 2014: iPhone 6, Fire Phone and Nexus 6 on the horizon

With the wealth of phone announcements we’ve already had this it would be all to easy to have lost track about what’s happening in the smartphone world. Here to help we’ve taken a thorough look through all the latest handsets unveiled this year, cross-referenced them against the rumoured handsets due for release this year, and put together our list of the top 10 smartphones you should be saving your cash or upgrade for.

So don’t rush off to put in your BYOD request or visit your mobile operator just yet, it might be that the perfect phone for you is coming out in the next few months.

10. Amazon Fire Phone
Amazon Fire Phone in hand press shotThere have long been rumours that Amazon was going to enter the smartphone market, although for several years it has stuck resolute to its Kindle and Kindle Fire tablets as its sole hardware offerings. This has all change now, though, with its new Fire Phone.

While the Fire Phone has a fairly unassuming design, under its rubber frame it is full of innovations, featuring Amazon’s custom Dynamic Perspective and Firefly technologies.

Dynamic Display is custom screen technology that aims to offer glasses free 3D viewing experiences using the Fire Phone’s four front cameras.

Firefly is an information service that lets Fire Phone owners use the phone’s camera and microphone to pull data from Amazon’s database on a number of things including books, DVDs, phone numbers, QR codes, CDs, URLS, barcodes and business cards.

9. LG G3
LG G3 appsSince releasing its stellar G2 smartphone in 2013, Korean tech firm LG has worked hard to reestablish itself as an innovator in the market. Keeping this up in 2014 LG loaded its latest flagship G3 handset with a wealth of innovative software and hardware features.

Two of the most interesting of these are its 5.5in 2560×1440, 538ppi Quad HD display and advanced 13MP with Optical Image Stabilizer plus (OIS+) and Laser Autofocus rear camera.

The screen is interesting as it uses custom technology from LG that reduces the size of displayed pixels by 40 percent to push the screen’s ppi-count past 500. This makes the screen, on paper, one of the sharpest ever made.

Laser Auto Focus is technology similar to that used by law enforcement agencies’ radar guns and is designed to improve the phone’s data capture and auto focus speeds – according to LG the tech lets the G3’s camera focus images in 0.276 seconds making it one of the fastest camera phones available.

These features, combined with the G3’s innovative design, which places the power and volume buttons on the phone’s back, make it one of 2014’s most interesting handsets. We’re guessing the G3 will climb higher in our top 10 rankings later this year once we’ve had a chance to thoroughly test the phone for our full review.

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