Top 10 Surface Pro 4 features: Skylake chips, 1TB storage, Windows 10 Pro

Rumours of the Surface Pro 4’s existence were swirling around months before it was officially revealed last month. So while it didn’t come as a shock, as the Surface Book laptop did, the unveiling was hardly a bore either. The Surface Pro 4 looks to be the most highly specced and highly priced Surface Pro yet, with brand new internals and redesigned peripherals.

We’ve already produced a quick guide to the Surface Pro 4, but the 26 October  launch date and the competing iPad Pro are bearing down, so we’ve looked again at this Windows 10 Pro-powered productivity tablet to consider its 10 most promising features.

10. Up to 1TB storage

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 display

Besides bumping up the minimum storage capacity from the Surface Pro 3’s 64GB to 128GB on the Surface Pro 4, Microsoft has added an ultra-premium option to the new 2-in-1 with a 1TB SDD drive.

That’s an absurd amount of space by tablet standards – most vary between 16GB and 256GB – and brings the Surface Pro 4 on par with a good desktop or notebook. Even these will generally include slower HDDs instead of a speedy SSD. People in the design and creative fields particularly will find the extra capacity a huge draw, allowing them to save crucial files without relying on a potentially vulnerable cloud service.

The downside is that 1TB will not come cheap. In fact, neither will the 512GB or 256GB Surface Pro 4 models, which start at $1,299 and go up to $2,199. The price of the 1TB edition has yet to be confirmed, but it will be even more.

Nonetheless, it’s hard to begrudge Microsoft’s approach of expanding rather than cutting back storage capacities. Next to the sheer roominess of the Surface Pro 4, the iPad Pro’s 128GB maximum can’t help but look a little mean in comparison.

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