Top 10 ways the Internet of Things will change the world

There are now more than one billion people on the internet, and if tech giants like Facebook and Google get their way, everybody else no matter where they live will one day be online too.

But why stop with people? The rise of the “Internet of Things” (IoT) will eventually see everything from trees to street lights connected to the web. Gartner predicts 26 billion devices will be online by 2020, with numerous firms including Intel and Arqiva all looking to make the vision of a totally interconnected world a reality.

In light of this recent flurry of IoT activity, V3 has put together a list of 10 areas where the Internet of Things will have a major impact in the coming years. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

10. Construction

Smart building and blueprintThe building trade can benefit in multiple ways from the Internet of Things revolution.

First, there’s the ability to better track materials used in construction, to improve stock management and ensure optimum inventory levels. Imagine it: no more builders knocking off early because a couple of RSJs have failed to arrive on site. As well as a more efficient construction process, the Internet of Things could also result in more efficient and snazzier homes.

New homes can now boast smart thermostats and smart meters so you don’t waste any energy, and you can even choose to have a smart toilet installed if you so wish, which will be able to detect if you have cancer or just let you know if you need to change your eating habits.

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