Top 10 world-changing ideas from Google: Android, Street View and Glass

Here’s a sobering thought: if you’d invested $10,000 in Google when it launched on the stock market on 19 August 2004 at $85 a share, you’d now be sitting on an investment of around $70,000, with its share price hovering around $600.

This growth has come over a period of intense innovation and energy at Google, which has seen it bring numerous market-changing ideas to the world, ranging from mapping tools to mobile platforms.

To celebrate this 10-year period that has seen its efforts change the face of many markets, while pleasing the money men, V3 has listed 10 of the biggest ideas that Google has had and how they’ve changed the technology market – and the world – for good.

10. Business app battleground

Google Drive logoAs a web-based company, Google has championed the ability of the browser to serve as a runtime environment for delivering applications as well as just web pages. This has been demonstrated by its development of increasingly sophisticated applications such as the Google Docs suite and Google Apps over the past decade or so.

Actually, Google Docs started out as a web-based word processor called Writely, which Google saw the potential of and acquired its developer, Upstartle, in 2006. The same happened with Google Sheets, which originated as a project called XL2Web by 2Web Technologies.

Today Google’s online apps are integrated with its online storage service, Google Drive, and widely used. The online giant also has an equally popular business version, Google Apps for Business, combining its Gmail service with the Docs suite and management tools for IT administrators.

This has seen Google become a major challenger to numerous firms, chiefly Microsoft, which would never have imagined a search company would become an enterprise gunning for its market.

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