Top 5 tips to make a million and get on the Sunday Times Rich List

Top 5 ways to get on the Rich List
You’ll have more money than you know what to do with if you play your cards right (Picture: PA)

‘This time next year, we’ll be millionaires.’

We’ve all had the Del Boy blues, daydreaming of get-rich-quick schemes.

Well this year’s Sunday Times Rich List could offer some hope.

According to the compiler of the list, wealth expert Philip Beresford, there has never seen such a ‘phenomenal’ rise in personal wealth.

So ignoring the the dukes, earls and Russian oligarchs, here are our top five suggestions on how to make it on to next year’s list…

1. Write a bestseller

Top 5 ways to get on the Rich List
JK Rowling’s personal wealth has increased by £10m to £570 million (Picture: AP/Lefteris)

Get your laptop out and start bashing that keyboard.

Ignore all this rubbish about it taking decades to write a ‘good’ book – French detective writer George Simenon was able to write 60 to 80 pages a day.

Get out the energy drinks and make sure you keep in mind the lucrative film adaptation.

To keep you focused, J.K. Rowling is now worth £520 million…That’s over half a billion.

2. Create an addictive app

Top 5 ways to get on the Rich List
Riccardo Zacconio second left, is worth over £350million (Picture: AP /Richard Drew)

We all know how addictive playing silly games on smartphones and tablets can be.

How hard could it actually be to make one up?

Find yourself a tech wizard at college to do the nitty gritty and think up your own Candy Crush or Farmville.

Riccardo Zacconi, the chief executive and founder of Candy Crush’s parent company King Digital Entertainment, is now worth a staggering £354 million.

3. Win the Lottery

Top 5 ways to get on the Rich List
Adrian and Gillian Bayford won £148.6 million two years ago, but no longer make the rich list following their split (Picture: PA)

This old classic should not be sniffed at. After winning the Euromillions jackpot this year, Neil Trotter enters the list at number 835 with a brand new fortune of £108 million.

Keep faithful to your numbers and you might win it… or not.

Still worth keeping it up while working on your bestseller and app.

4. Get into the City (bowler hat optional)

Tennis player Mark Cox swops Wimbledon for the City and a bowler hat on his way to work at the London Stock Exchange. . REXSCANPIX.
You get to wear a suit and say you play FTSE, what’s not to love (Picture: REXSCANPIX)

Personal feelings aside, this is a great way to make a fast buck.

You know what they say, you want to make a million, invest five million… Who said it had to be yours?

Know anything about hedge funds?

One Rich List member, hedge fund manager Steven Heinz, made £50 million last year investing other people’s money.

5. Back a start up

Top 5 ways to get on the Rich List
Teenage multi-millionaire Nick D’Aloisio sold Summly to Yahoo! for $30m (Picture: AFP/Getty Images)

Watch a few series of Dragon’s Den in preparation, pool your financial resources and start looking for a start up desperate for ready cash.

You cough up the bucks now and you could be looking at millions down the line.

Some of the youngest members of the Rich List founded small innovative start ups that have been snapped up by large companies excited by their ideas.

Look at 18-year-old Nick D’Aloisio who sold his summary news app, Summly, to Yahoo for £30 million. He kept £15 million for himself, with the rest going to investors including Stephen Fry and Yoko Ono.

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