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Over 12,000 people have already made a reservation for a Tesla Model X, without having ever driven or even seen what it will really look like (everything we’ve seen so far is the alpha version – there will be changes, more on that below). While there has been multiple delays, the launch of the Model X is getting demonstrably closer, with Tesla shutting down its California factory to retool it to accommodate the new large scale production.

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Those who have made a reservation for the Model X (which you can do here, if you have the wallet fortitude required – you’ll need a $5000 down payment) received the following email, which was reposted to a discussion forum (screen capture via GAS2):

Tesla/Screen capture

There are many interesting things in there.

First, despite recurring rumors to the contrary, the falcon wing doors are here to stay. It’ll be impossible to know if that’s a good or bad thing until the Model X is out and people can test it out in the real world, but if Tesla has really succeeded in solving all the old problems with these types of doors, they could certainly give the X some unique utility and cachet (as if it needed it, being a Tesla and all…).

The towing capability will interest many people, especially in more rural areas. It’ll be interesting to see how much range is affected.

Everything about the dual motors and autopilot features isn’t a surprise, but it much still be good for long-term holders of Model X reservations to learn that they are getting more than they initially expected when they took a ticket to join the queue.

The other main thing is underlining the fact that Model X is very much its own thing. If it was just a scaled up Model S, Tesla could probably get it out faster, but it likely wouldn’t be nearly as good.

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Remember, all those photos are from the alpha version of the Model X. The version that ships to Tesla customers will be different, and it should be better (if history is any guide, based on the experience with the Model S).

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Via Tesla Motors Club forum, Cleantechnica

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