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Here is a cute little transformer shed that will turn your crank.

Popouts are common on recreational vehicles and trailers, to get a little more width when parked. But on a building that doesn’t move? Architect Christopher McCormack used popouts on this little bunkie (accessory sleeping building) in Muskoka to get around the rules.

This bunkie was built very close to the water before there were rules, in an area where there are usually setback requirements of 66 feet. According to Cottage Life Magazine, “in order to have local building officials grandfather the location near the water’s edge, McCormack maintained the original footprint and 20% of the original walls.” The popouts transform the little box into a more expansive space with a covered terrace.

© Christopher McCormack Architect

McCormack writes on his website:

The building elements can move like a Swiss watch, with manually-driven gearing operations designed to easily transform the space and one’s connection to the surroundings with a convertible roof, a drawer-like deck floor, movable privacy screens, and a retractable picture window. The Bunkie functions perfectly well off the grid or connected to pre-existing services, without interrupting the existing watershed or tree canopy.

© Christopher McCormack Architect

Sometimes those pesky zoning restrictions create the most interesting opportunities. More at Christopher McCormack Architects.

© Christopher McCormack Architect

Cottage Life cleverly calls these transformer buildings “Switcherooms,” and shows two others that have been featured on TreeHugger, in related links below.

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