Transformers Universe game launches open beta with $75k in prizes (Wired UK)


All new Autobots and Decepticons battle it
out in Jagex’s MOBA game

© 2014 Hasbro / Jagex

This week is a big one for fans of Hasbro’s Robots in
, with the fourth live-action movie opening in UK
cinemas and the free-to-play Transformers Universe game
launching in open beta. Oh, and the possibility of winning a share
of a $75k (£44k) prize pool probably appeals, too.

Universe’s closed beta has been running for a few
months already, and going to open beta is the final step before
declaring the game ‘launched’. From Friday 4 July, any player will
be able to register
for the game
, and Cambridge-based developer Jagex has chosen to mark the
occasion by offering players huge wads of cash. Top skill scores will be recorded over the
weekend, with the highest ranking players winning up to $3000,
(£1750) while a separate competition rewards those who recruit the
most new players into the

Transformers Universe Gameplay trailerTransformers Universe

“We’re delighted to be opening our game to the public,” Mark
Gerhard, Jagex’s CEO & CTO, said via press release. “Everyone
has been absolutely fantastic throughout the closed beta and
provided us with great feedback which we continue to implement into
the game service through our weekly updates.”


This will still make more sense than Michael
Bay’s latest Transformers Movie

© 2014 Hasbro / Jagex

Universe is a MOBA — Multiplayer Online Battle Arena,
similar to League of
— where players can build their own Autobot or
Decepticon, customising their appearance, weapons, and
transformation, before wading into interplanetary war with them.
The game is browser based, with an emphasis on both third-person
action and team-based tactical combat. Besides general PVP combat,
modes include Crisis,
where teams face hordes of enemy drones and Meteor
, a base defence challenge. Key characters such as Optimus
Prime and Megatron aren’t user-playable but will appear in the
game, as will brand-new named characters created exclusively for
Universe. Unlike the leaders, these will be

Designs are based primarily on the Transformers:
series, which sees the heroes and villains alike
visually updated, without losing their individual characteristics.
For anyone not up for another instalment of Michael Bay’s cinematic
shrapnel-fests, Transformers Universe may scratch their
itch for something a little closer to the classic toys and

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