Trimethylaminuria: Singer Cassie Graves has ‘fish odour syndrome’

Rare condition leaves singer smelling of rotting fish
Cassie Graves, 22, has told of her daily battle to stop herself smelling of rotting fish (Picture: News Dog Media)

An up-and-coming British singer hopes a rare condition that leaves her smelling like rotting fish won’t get in the way of her pop star dreams.

Cassie Graves, 22, has suffered from Trimethylaminuria, also known as fish odour syndrome, since the age of three.

The rare metabolic disorder is caused by the build-up of trimethylamine, a chemical produced when certain foods like fish are digested, according to the NHS.

Cassie is unable to break down the smelly chemical, instead it is released in her sweat, urine and breath.

‘You know when you go to the food market and there’s rotting fish? That’s what I smell like,’ she explained.

‘The whiff comes out from my skin and hair. I sweat it out and it doesn’t matter how many showers I take, I just can’t get rid of it.’

The singer, who is currently working on her first solo album, Unpunished, hopes to raise awareness about the disorder by speaking out about her experiences.

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