Twitter CEO wants to boost messaging

Speaking in a call to investors, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo has revealed that he’d like to see the platform improve its messaging capabilities.


According to Business Insider, Costolo described the following potential enhancement:

“Specifically, being able to take a public conversation and being able to migrate it to a private channel. So, taking a public tweet, and being able to have a conversation about that public tweet with a private group of people is a compelling use case. One we see internally as something a lot of us would like to do and one that will be a real engagement driver for us.”

Its certainly an intriguing idea, and one that would be a hit for potential commercial clients too. Given how many companies offer customer support via Twitter, the idea that the company you’re complaining to could take your conversation private could mean you can exchange private details (like account numbers and bank details), without the whole world seeing. For the companies too it would mean that you’re now complaining in private rather than damaging their image publicly. It’s win/win, so don’t be surprised if we see this some time soon.

A desire to focus on messaging perhaps isn’t surprising either, given the success of platforms like WhatsApp and Snapchat – not to mention Facebook Messenger, Instagram and the many other alternatives. At the end of last year the company added the ability to attach photos to DMs, and updated its apps to increase the focus on DM contact too.

Could Twitter challenge the likes of WhatsApp for supremacy? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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