Twitter promises to overhaul white, male-dominated staff balance

Twitter has reported on its lack of diversity among employees

Twitter, like so many of its peers, has admitted that its offices have a poor diversity balance and are dominated by white men across the board.

Like Google, Twitter has released a diversity transparency report, which shows that the company has a shortfall of female and ethnic workers.

It acknowledged this in its report saying that it makes, and will continue to make, efforts to reach out to the community and find a more diverse range of staff members.

“We know the critical importance of actively recruiting from under-represented communities such as women’s colleges and historically black colleges and universities. And to continue improving our diversity standing, we have partnered with many organisations to move the needle at Twitter,” it explained.

“We are keenly aware that Twitter is part of an industry that is marked by dramatic imbalances in diversity – and we are no exception. By becoming more transparent with our employee data, open in dialogue throughout the company and rigorous in our recruiting, hiring and promotion practices, we are making diversity an important business issue for ourselves.”

Currently the overall male-to-female mix is 70/30. But the split in other sectors of the business is more telling. The leadership team has seen men outnumber women – 79 to 21 percent – while in the technology team women are outmanned by nine to one. General workers offer a better split – 50/50.

Ethnic minorities are also poorly represented at Twitter and its Leadership roles are split between white men, 72 percent, and others.

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