Twitter to offer weather-based advertising, come rain or shine

Dark storm clouds and lightning broken by the sun shining down onto a calm sea

Twitter users could start seeing adverts targeted at them based on the weather conditions they are experiencing.

Twitter and the Weather Company have teamed up to let the Weather Company’s Weather FX platform access Twitter’s advertising API so that advertisers can create automated offers based on weather conditions in certain areas.

The global revenue officer for the Weather Company, Curt Hecht, claimed that offering this ability was a key piece of the marketing and advertising jigsaw that has so far been missing.

“Marketers have a search strategy and a social strategy. But with one-third of the economy impacted by weather, most marketers also need a weather strategy,” he said.

“Providing marketers with the means to weather-trigger tweets helps them create more locally relevant content for each and every Twitter user.”

The Weather Company gave the example of a firm using inclement weather to promote a certain snack and recipe to followers in locations that are experiencing colder weather.

The partnership is indicative of increasing efforts by web firms such as Google and Facebook to tempt advertisers to their platforms by offering them new ways to target audiences for their campaigns.

Twitter last year announced plans for more cookie-based advertising as it looks to grow its advertising appeal with big brands.

However, concerns around how far this type of advertising can intrude into people’s online lives have meant that some major tech firms, such as Microsoft, have promised not to use people’s online data to target them with advertising.

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