Twitter users love ‘sea bunnies,’ a cute species of sea slug with ears

Sea bunnies are the cutest slugs you'll see today
It’s now officially cool to like slugs. (Picture: YouTube/Dive Store Exile)

First we had this adorable octopus, now we’ve got sea bunnies.

The ocean is literally full of ridiculously cute animals.

The Jorunna parva sea slug, or ‘sea bunny’ as it’s been dubbed, lives in the waters around Japan and Indonesia, and it’s the fluffiest, most adorable slug you’ll ever see.

Pictures of sea bunnies have been delighting the people of Twitter for the last few days.

Their viral celeb potential was first spotted by Japanese users, but now basically everyone’s on board, because, well, LOOK AT THEM.

This person even went to the trouble of making a sea bunny collage.

People got emotional.

Someone was actually dying.

Here is a sea bunny, doing its stuff.

And if you’re wondering what the ‘ears’ are, they’re actually called rhinophores, and help the sea bunnies detect chemicals in the water. Science FTW.

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