Tyrone Bowd from Australia who suffers from scrotal lymphedema which causes his testicals to swell to the size of watermelons to be operated on

Man with watermelon sized testicles seeks operation
Mr Bowd’s testicles continue to grow (Picture: Eyewitness News)

An Australian man is seeking lifesaving surgery due to a medical condition, which has caused his testicles to swell to the size of watermelons.

Tyrone Bowd, 24, was diagnosed with scrotal lymphedema a year ago, and now his testicles reach his knees.

He describes his affliction as ‘uncomfortable and frustrating’, saying it is hard for him to ‘do stuff all the time and it’s hard to go places’.

Mr Bowd’s mother, Tanya Bowd, feared she would have to spend £56,000 (AUS$100,000) for her son to travel to the United States to be operated on, however an Australian reconstruction surgeon has agreed to do the surgery for free.

Dr Ramin Shayan, a Melbourne-based reconstructive plastic surgeon came to Mr Bowd’s aid after hearing of his condition.

He said: ‘I feel sorry for him having to spend all this money and travel overseas when he can have it done here, for free.’

Dr Shayan told Fairfax Media he has a PhD in lymphedema, calling it his ‘expertise’.

He added that Mr Bowd’s testicles are still growing, therefore the surgery must be done ‘in a timely fashion.’

Mr Bowd, who is autistic, nearly died from an infection in February as a result of his condition.

American man Warren Wesley Jr gave scrotal lymphedema worldwide media attention last year after the Channel 4 documentary The Man with the 10-Stone Testicles showed him struggling with the condition.

Mr Wesley died in March this year from complications due to diabetes.

Mr Warren was forced to wear a hoodie as trousers to support his enlarged testicles (Picture: Channel 4)
Mr Warren was forced to wear a hoodie as trousers to support his enlarged testicles (Picture: Channel 4)


29 May 2014 | 9:35 pm – Source: metro.co.uk

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