Uber driver calls mum a black c**t after she asked for two drop-offs

Uber driver calls mum a black c**t and hits her after she asked for two drop-offs
Taleka White (Facebook)

A young mum was hit in the face and called a ‘black c**t’ after she and her friend asked an Uber driver for two drop-off points, she has claimed.

Taleka White, 27, claims she was sent ‘flying to the pavement’ after she was punched twice in the face outside her parents’ house in Addiscombe, south London.

She claims that the Asian driver, who she said was in his forties, got angry after she and her friend were confused over how to ask for two drop-off points.

The 27-year-old, who lives in Kensington, west London, and is a non-emergency paramedic, says she has not been able to work since due to the injuries she has sustained to her hands.

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She claims that Uber has told her the driver has since been suspended.

Taleka White (pictured) alleges her driver of the private minicab firm UBer, called her a "black c**t" and "black bitch" after confusion over her friend asking for different drop off points. See SWNS copy SWUBER. The Asian driver, who Taleka says looked to be in his late forties, then pulled her out the cab outside her parents' house in Addiscombe, south London Taleka, who has a four-year-old son, says he punched her twice in the face, the second blow sending her "flying to the pavement"
Taleka White (pictured) alleges her driver of the private minicab firm UBer, called her a “black c**t” SWNS

Taleka said: ‘It happened in the early hours of Sunday – about 3am. My friend and I had been to a bar in East Croydon and we wanted to get home.

‘I’d never used Uber before so she called for one on her phone. She wasn’t sure how to use the app to say that we wanted to be dropped off at different addresses – but we thought we’d explain it to the driver when he arrived.

‘Initially he had no problem with it, but after, as he was driving to the address he became quite agitated.

‘There was a misunderstanding about where the address was and then we got near and she said he could pull up there and he started yelling: ‘Get out of my fucking cab’.

‘He continued to drive and I told him not to worry as it was from my friend’s phone and I told him he was still going to get paid. It was less than 20 minutes between our stops. I was going to Addiscombe.

“He called me a ‘black ct’ and a black ‘bitch’ and told me to shut my ‘fucking face’ and said ‘she gave me the wrong address’.

‘But when we arrived he dragged out of the car by my right arm and punched me in the face.

‘I was yelling, asking him what his problem was, why he was doing it to me, hoping my parents would hear from inside.

‘The second time he punched me, I went flying and hit the pavement. My mum came out just to see the car driving away and found my lying on the pavement.

‘She made sure I took pictures of my injuries and I called 999, but the police more or less said it would be his word against mine – even though I have obvious injuries I clearly didn’t cause myself.

An Uber spokesperson said: ‘Violence and discrimination of any kind is unacceptable and is not tolerated by Uber.

‘If serious incidents are reported it is our policy to suspend the partner-driver whilst we investigate.

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30 November 2015 | 4:50 pm – Source: metro.co.uk


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