UK internet of things startups win £1m funding (Wired UK)

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A £1 million government pot
has been awarded to seven startups working on internet of things
projects to help solve problems facing UK businesses.

Winners include a company working on sensors for digital
farms, a compact air quality monitoring system and a project using
data to make cycling safer in towns and cities. The seven companies
are all based in either London or Cambridge and will share the £1m grant
provided by the government-funded Innovate

The competition, announced earlier this year by prime
minister David Cameron, sought startups working on wireless and
mobile technology aimed at businesses. In addition to the funding
the winning startups will receive support from the likes of EE, John Lewis, Unilever, Cisco and British Gas. The
companies will offer mentorship, further investment and provide
access to retailers and relevant markets.

The winners in full are Digital Shadows, Product
Health, Arjun Technology, London Cambridge Cycle, OpenTRV and
Superflux. London’s Tech
and Cambridge Wireless
helped to promote the competition and encourage local companies to

Tech City CEO Gerard Grech said that the UK was
in a “strong position” to lead the way with internet of things
technologies: “These competition winners are some of the most
innovative early stage businesses in the UK’s internet of things
space and I’m excited to see how they will develop.”

Digital economy minister Ed Vaizey claimed that
investment in growth areas such the internet of things would
“create jobs and secure a brighter future for Britain”. He added
that putting coding on the school curriculum and increasing the
rollout of superfast broadband were hugely important to British

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