UK ISPs are now blocking 93 piracy websites (Wired UK)

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UK internet providers have been forced to block
a further 53 websites, bringing the total number of sites blocked
by court orders to 93. The ruling at the High Court is the latest
in a series of blocks against torrent websites that link to pirated

The Motion Picture Association (MPA), which made the
majority of the complaints, said that blocking access to such
websites was an “accepted and legitimate measure” to tackle piracy online.

“It carefully targets sites whose sole purpose
is to make money off the back of other people’s content while
paying nothing back into the legitimate economy,” said Chris
Marcich, EMEA president of the MPA.

The High Court ruling orders the UK’s five major
ISPs to block access to websites that have been deemed to breach
copyright. BT was the first to add the latest batch of sites to its
block list, with EE, Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin Media all required to
follow suit. Smaller ISPs are not required to block the

Sites included in the latest round of blocking include IP Torrents, Isohunt,
Sumotorrent, Stream TV, Warez BB and Rapid Moviez. ISPs have
been ordered to block piracy websites since 2012 when the High
Court ruled that The Pirate Bay be
blocked. Since then 92 more websites have been added to the list of
copyright infringers.

The Internet Service Providers Association
(ISPA), a trade association for internet services, has once again
criticised the blocks as a “relatively blunt tool”. In the past the
ISPA has said that the industry should focus on creating better
legal services, rather than pursuing blocks against online
copyright infringement.

Critics of the blocks have also pointed out that
they are relatively easy to bypass. With more piracy websites
appearing everyday copyright holders face an uphill battle to block
the latest offenders.

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