UK weather: 7,000 lightning bolts hit Britain over the weekend

UK weather: 7,000 lightning bolts hit Britain over the weekend
Heavy clouds bringing thunder, lightnings and storm. (Picture:prudkov)

About 7,000 lightning bolts were thought to have struck Britain over the weekend – almost enough to make everyone a cup of tea.

The strikes were thought to contain an estimated 1.75million kilowatt-hours of energy, almost enough to boil the water for 63million cups.

Lightning hit at least three homes, including one in South Molton, Devon, which caught fire, while 18mm of rain fell in an hour at Santon Downham, in Suffolk, on Saturday.

The Met Office could not confirm the exact number of strikes but a spokeswoman said: ‘We were drawing up warm, humid air from the south, North Africa way, and at the same time we had low pressure coming in from the Atlantic. It’s the combination of those two things that provided enough energy for the lightning strikes.’

Meanwhile, temperatures soared to 25C (77F) in parts of the country yesterday, with the Met Office saying it could be the hottest average summer since 2006 at 15.2C (59.4F).

VisitEngland spokeswoman Angelah Sparg said: ‘Tourism businesses had a slow start to the year with the floods, so they will welcome the forecast of a good summer.

‘Good weather is a great way to entice people out and about.’

However, thunderstorms and rain are expected to return during this week.

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