UKIP councillors told they can’t withdraw Doncaster from EU

This wheelie bin needs to be more British

This wheelie bin must be extra British

The native councillors, whose expertise embrace patriotic fervour, will now be pressured to spend the subsequent 5 years making speeches about Eurocrats throughout planning conferences and calling for Union Jacks to be painted on wheelie bins.

Norman Steele, the brand new chief of UKIP-managed Doncaster Council, stated: “I was proud to announce earlier right now that Doncaster shall be freed from the yoke of EU membership with speedy impact.

“I have now been knowledgeable this won’t be attainable. Same goes for my plan to construct a 200ft wall across the metropolis to maintain out the Bulgars.”

He added: “I can’t even pressure individuals to put on ties.”

Former BNP councillor Stephen Malley stated: “When I was elected in 2009 I was shocked to find the police wouldn’t obey my direct orders and that utilizing the council to advertise anti-semitism was ‘towards the regulation’.

“I couldn’t get anybody deported, it turned out that Christmas wasn’t truly banned and there was no cash for my spectacular torchlight rally.

“However, I was capable of deny the Holocaust throughout a gathering 10:35 am – Source:

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