UK’s Show Of Force Against Russian Aggression

More than 1,000 British troops and 500 armoured vehicles have been taking part in a military exercise in Poland, in a display of force not been seen since the Cold War.

Working alongside Polish counterparts, they’ve carried out live fire exercises and tactical training.

In a highly symbolic image, Challenger Tanks and Warrior armoured fighting vehicles have been on manoeuvres on the plains of Eastern Europe.

Some 1,350 soldiers from The King’s Royal Hussars, 1st Battalion The Royal Welsh and 26 Engineer Regiment are involved.

It is intended as a show of strength against an increasingly aggressive Russian neighbour.

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon described the exercise as “sustained and substantial support to NATO’s eastern border”.

Troops taking part have been prevented from using mobiles phones and iPads in case they’re hacked by Russians.

The exercise was put together after Malaysia Airlines flightMH17 was shot down in Ukraine.

At the NATO Summit in Wales, member states agreed a series of military exercises in a show of support to alliance partners in Eastern Europe.

Speaking from the exercise,Lieutenant ColonelJustin Kingsford said: “It’s been a few years since we deployed a force such as this at such high speed.

“But, we’ve got the capabilities to project force when we need to, albeit it in a training scenario such as this, at fairly high speeds and at fairly long distances.”

Black Eagle is the largest British commitment to the region in almost a decade.

The Challenger tanks last saw action in Iraq in 2003. Some of them were brought out of storage in Germany.

The UK also deployed Typhoon fighter jets earlier in the year to bolster the Baltic Air Policing Mission.

Speaking on a tour of the region on Thursday, Nato’ssecretary general Jen’s Stoltenberg revealed that jets have been scrambled 400 times in the past 12 months to ward off Russian planes flying towards Nato-controlled airspace.

This is a 50% increase on 2013.

“Russian air activity has increased all over Europe,” he told reporters on a stopover in Estonia.

“This pattern is risky and unjustified. NATO continues to remain vigilant.”

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