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A few years ago we showed a lovely multifamily Passive House designed by Lukas Armstrong; now the multitalented architect and industrial designer, working with Keiko Lee-Hem, shows us a very active multifunction play house which he tells TreeHugger about, describing it as…

UpUp in action© UpUp Play tower

…a standing desk/high chair, jungle gym and play space all rolled into one modern and beautiful piece of furniture. When used in the kitchen, as we do, it also acts as an extension of the kitchen’s functional counter top. Great for the child, great for the adult. We have been using the play tower in our home for almost a year and it has changed the way we interact with our son on a daily basis, bringing more fun, creativity, challenge, exercise and autonomy into his life, and more easy and convenience into our life. It has also really supported his physical, emotional and cognitive development which is another aspect that we are really excited about.

upup standinig© UpUp

It’s all quite clever, and adapts as the child grows, turning into a standing desk. This gives it a probable useful lifespan of more than ten years, although being made from furniture grade baltic birch, will probably last longer than that.

UpUp details© UpUp

My first thought was that with a footprint of 33 inches by 38 inches, it took up a lot of space for what I first saw as an elaborate high chair. However it is clearly serving a lot of functions. According to the Kickstarter campaign:

UpUp’s counter top is perfect for cooking, eating, crafting and having important face-to-face conversations with your little one. It also acts as an extension of your existing counter top space, and you can never have too much of that.

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The project is up on Kickstarter, with a way to go in not much time. I hope they make it; the money is going to be used to raise the funds needed for 3rd party safety testing “so we can confirm and guarantee that the UpUp Play Tower meets or exceeds all mandatory and a variety of voluntary health and safety standards for both the US and Canada.” This is no small thing for a product like this. The project has already been through a year of serious practical testing by their son Eli, and both the UpUp Play Tower and Eli appear to have survived the experience.

See also the UpUp site.

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7 December 2015 | 2:47 pm – Source: treehugger.com


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