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This Vermont company sells effective, non-toxic formulations that are designed to be ‘shareable’ and are lovely to use.

Ursa Major has three criteria that it applies to all its products: Is it effective? Is it healthy? Is it sublime? By adhering to these simple yet important standards, the Vermont-based company has created a skin care line that’s truly a pleasure to use.

While most of the products are geared toward men – a welcome departure from the usual focus on women’s skin care products – they are considered to be unisex, or ‘shareable’. Sure enough, when I received a box of samples, I urged my husband to try them, but before long, found myself using everything, too.

Ursa Major uses 87 ingredients overall, 85 of which are natural and 51-83% organic. The two ‘non-natural’ ingredients are sodium benzoate and dehydroacetic acid, which, respectively, score 3 (moderate) and 1 (low) on the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep database, and are used to preserve a product’s stability. There are no petrochemicals, artificial fragrances or colors, MEA, TEA or DEA parabens, phthalates, sulfates, silicones, or polyethylene glycol (PEG) compounds.

Ursa Major ingredients© Ursa Major

For the past couple months, my husband and I have been using the Fantastic Face Wash, a gel cleanser that cleans thoroughly, removes my makeup, and leaves the skin feeling fresh, and the Fortifying Face Balm, a non-greasy moisturizer that is incredibly light. It feels so good that I often grab a squirt of it as I’m running out the door. I claimed the Stellar Shave Cream, which works very well without much lather.

Ursa Major has a strong online presence, with an active (and very attractive) Instagram account, full of gorgeous photos of outdoor adventures and scenery, as well as a regularly updated blog with interesting posts about green living, toxins, and Vermont life. The website contains rave reviews from happy customers, many of which are men delighted to have found an effective green skin care line.

While Ursa Major is clearly on the right track with its product formulations and public relations, I do hope the company gives more consideration to its packaging. There is far too much plastic for my liking. The company could go much further in the green direction by minimizing the plastic and/or switching to glass, metal, and reusable containers and increase its aesthetic appeal in the process.

Order Ursa Major skin care products online.

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