US submits 6,791 data requests to Yahoo in six months

Yahoo reports the US makes the most requests to unlock data on its users

The US government submitted 6,791 data requests to Yahoo between January and June 2014, far more than any other country featured in a report by the search giant.

Germany followed behind the US with 2,876 information requests, with UK authorities submitting 1,408 requests.

Yahoo’s Government Data Requests report revealed that proportionately, Yahoo rejected only a small amount of data requests made by the US government – 382 in total – while it disclosed content in response to 1,396 requests.

Comparatively, Yahoo rejected 575 data requests made by UK authorities and only disclosed content relating to 88 data requests.

Yahoo rejected over half of the data requests made by German authorities – 1,529 in total – and only released content in relation to 64 requests.

Introducing the online report, Yahoo declared that while it complies with many requests it only accepts those that are lawful: “We carefully scrutinise each request to make sure that it complies with the law, and we push back on those requests that don’t satisfy our rigorous standards.”

Unsurprisingly, Yahoo’s figures also showed that countries in parts of the world with less internet access and infrastructure submitted very few data requests in comparison with the larger, more internet-enabled nations.

The Malaysian, Albanian, and Armenian governments only submitted one data request each to Yahoo, which the company rejected.

The company also released statistics on the number of global emergency data disclosure requests, which take place when the disclosure of information can save a life or prevent serious physical harm.

In total 88 emergency requests were made against 126 Yahoo accounts, with 66 percent of those request resulting in a disclosure of data.

The figures released by Yahoo are indicative of the US government’s commitment to using data to assist in its national security, despite the controversy garnered by the NSA’s PRISM programme.

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