using Adblock ‘doesn’t mean you’re above the system’ (Wired UK)


YouTube star PewDiePie has attacked simplistic arguments against monetised videos, saying — though oddly enough not in a video — that “using Adblock doesn’t mean you’re clever or above the system”.

The gaming star, who has over 40 million subscribers on the service, is one of the first channels to sign up to make exclusive content for YouTube’s Red service.

Red will allow users to access the site ad-free, as well as offering a full subscription to Google Play Music and YouTube Music for $9.99 per month. It will also allow subscribers to download video to watch offline. 

The subscription service is part of YouTube’s plan to circumvent adblocking programmes. Despite having nearly a billion viewers, YouTube’s infrastructure costs around £2.5 billion per year, with adblockers preventing monetisation from native advertising. 

A poll on PewDiePie’s Twitter found that around 40 percent of his subscribers use an adblocking extension — up from the “15 or 20 percent” who used it at the beginning of his career.

“What this means is that YouTubers lose about 40 percent of their ad income,” he said on his blog. “Personally, I’m okay if you use adblock on my videos. Ads are annoying, I get it. But for smaller channels, this number can be devastating.”

“What people don’t realise is that YouTube Red exists largely as an effort to counter this. Using Adblock doesn’t mean you’re clever and above the system. It exists because Adblock has actual consequences. There are questions that remain to be answered — will it be beneficial for smaller channels? Is the price justified?”

“These are all important questions about YouTube Red. But right now, it’s more important that we understand what the actual problem here is”. 

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