Vice Media Accepts Millions of Dollars From Rupert Murdoch – Propaganda in the Alternative Media

Cassius Methyl | Live Free, Live Natural

If you want to recognize who in the alternative media is bought out, paid for by the very same tycoons who run the mainstream media and news, now you can add Vice to this list, sadly.



Vice Magazine was created in 1994, but most notably, around 2011, they started making documentaries of places in Africa, war zones in the Middle East, and they went to far away places to allegedly show the raw truth.

Perhaps in a few cases they did, but as of 2013, it was revealed that Rupert Murdoch’s corporation 20th Century Fox paid them upwards of 70 million dollars.

It seems as of recent, the media coming from Vice has been pure propaganda.

This became extremely noticeable when they recently put out a documentary of the war in Syria, glorifying the rebels, and ignoring the fact that they have killed countless innocent people, gassed bunny rabbits, and done such things like that.

Vice went to South Sudan, and glorified French/UN occupation of Africa.

They have even been to North Korea, and while they stretch the boundaries of media, they are being paid millions of dollars to now make propaganda. That is a very large sum of money.

This is similar to how Glenn Greenwald sold out, ‘partnering’ with billionare PayPal/Ebay owner, Pierre Omidyar.

Did you know he is not releasing 90% of Edward Snowden’s leaked documents? He even claims it could hurt people (yes, the criminals who are being exposed), and was called out  by none other than Julian Assange of Wikileaks.

Please share this with as many people as possible, especially if they watch Vice videos.


Cassius Methyl is an experimental musician, producer of music, writer for several news websites, and activist for Voluntaryism. Check out his experimental metal project here, Core of a Virus, and his electronic experimental project here, Corporate Concrete Portals. Find Cassius Methyl’s YouTube here.


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