Vicky Williams: Brain tumour kills Lancashire mother and her baby

Brain tumour kills mother and her baby
Pregnant: Vicky Williams, who died from a brain tumour (Picture: MEN)

A mother-to-be unaware she had a brain tumour died with her unborn child weeks before she was due to give birth.

Vicky Williams had complained of ‘a couple of migraines’ before she was found dead at home by her husband, Scott, who had given her a kiss as he left for work.

‘I keep racking my brains thinking was there any sign of the tumour but there just wasn’t,’ he said.

‘Vicky wasn’t just my wife, she was my best friend. People say you have your ups and downs in a relationship but I can honestly say we didn’t – we were always on the up.

‘She was straight-talking and honest and that’s what I loved about her. Vicky would have made a fantastic mum and I’m just happy the last words I got to say to her were “I love you”.’

Mrs Williams, 34, had been due to give birth on May 3. On the day of her death in March, her husband sent an email saying an offer on a house they were trying to buy in Rochdale, Lancashire, had been accepted.

The mother-to-be was found by husband Scott (Picture: MEN)
The mother-to-be was found by husband Scott (Picture: MEN)

Mrs Williams’s brother, Michael, 36, also died from a brain tumour in 2000.

The couple, who were married in Rhodes in 2012, and decided not to learn the sex of their baby.

Mr Williams declined the chance to find out after a post-mortem examination following his wife’s death.

‘I had wanted to find out the baby’s gender at the time but Vicky didn’t. It just didn’t seem right to find out now when she never knew,’ he added.

‘I kept the baby with her in the coffin as I wanted them to stay together.’

He is now planning a Manchester-to-Blackpool bike ride to raise £10,000 for the Brain Tumour Charity on July 13.

To sponsor him, visit his Just Giving page.

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