Village of the Damned in Kazakhstan residents suffer from ‘sex cravings’ after waking up from sleep illness

Village of the Damned residents suffer from 'sex cravings' after waking up from sleep illness
The village has been dubbed ‘sleepy hollow’ (Picture: Vera Salnitskaya/Will Stewart)

The people living in a village in Kazakhstan have been suffering from a bizarre ‘sleeping sickness’ which sees them fall unconscious for days.

However some of the side affects to this illness threaten to tear their community apart.

The men of Kalachi, labelled by media outlets as the ‘Village of the Damned’, are reportedly struggling with their uncontrollable sex drive after waking from their long bouts of sleep.

Pensioners suffering from the illness also use words previously unthinkable to the quite rural town, including the nuns looking after them ‘whores’ and ‘prostitutes’, according the MailOnline.

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Sleeping village -33- Almaz, 10, son of Lyuba Rabchevskaya - must credit Vera Salnitskaya-The Siberian Times, queries Will Stewart 007 985 998 94 00.jpg
(Picture: Will Stewart)

Roughly 160 people, about a quarter of the small town population, are thought to have been affected by the illness.

It was previously reported that sufferers, as well as sleeping for days at a time, experienced headaches and memory loss, however one woman told of other affects.

She said: ‘Other women were saying the same. As soon as men were were recovering after waking, they needed sex right there and then, and this feeling lasted for at least a month.’

Men even awake from their long slumber and immediately go searching nearby villages for their wives who have moved their families to protect them from the illness.

The village has now come to be known as ‘sleepy hollow’ in the local area due to the strange illness.

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