ViralBrothers: Suicide prank proves once and for all that pranksters are the worst

Czech pranksters the ViralBrothers have really shocked the world this time.

It turns out, one of these unbearable man-children actually has a girlfriend… Who thought that would be possible?

Anyway, to exact revenge for the now-infamous ghost in the car prank, Erik has pulled the classic prankster’s double cross on his buddy Cenek, with a massive ‘LOL’ about suicide. Hmm.

At first it seems as if both bros are pulling a stunt on Cenek’s girlfriend, by convincing her that her BF impregnated another woman.

Suicide 'joke' proves pranksters are the worst
But is she dead? (Picture: ViralBrothers/YouTube)

SPOILER ALERT! The girlfriend has already been informed about the prank by Erik. So to really stick it to Cenek, she pretends to jump out of a window and die.

Leading to a big laugh for all when the ruse is revealed, right after Cenek almost starts to cry.

Get a job, idiots.

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