Watch 600 cyclists race down a French glacier (Wired UK)

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Move over Tour de France, there’s a new, more dangerous, horse
in town. Meet the Megavalanche, a
29-kilometre cycle race down a glacier.

The event, which has been run for 20 years, attracts thousands
of thrill-seeking participants for its blend of gravity-assisted
excitement and extreme endurance requirements.

It begins at the summit of the Pic Blanc, in the French Alps.
Participants take a cable car to the summit, then descend 2,500
metres through snow, ice and rocks. All at the same time. A full
set of body armour is required, as well as a transponder chip so
no-one gets lost.

To get an idea of what that’s like, watch this video from a
rear-mounted GoPro attached to the helmet of Joost Wichman, former
four-cross world
champion. Alternatively, here’s a video of an hour-long full
run. Just don’t blame us if it makes you a little queasy.

2014 Megavalanche – Alpe d’Huez – GoPro full run with Thibaut Ruffinriding addiction

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