Watch Jim Carrey Take A Verbal Swipe At Monsanto

(Photo: Ken West Maharishi University of Management 2014)

Jim Carrey took a swipe at Monsanto during a commencement speech at Maharishi University of Management in Iowa this weekend.

“I’m here to plant a seed today,” Carrey said, according to the Des Moines Register, “a seed that will inspire you to go forward in your life with enthusiastic hearts and a clear sense of wholeness. The question is, will that seed have a chance to take root or will I be sued by Monsanto?”

Carrey was referring to Monsanto’s lawsuits against farmers for alleged seed patent infringement. As of January 2013, Monsanto had filed 144 lawsuits against 410 farmers and 56 small farm businesses in at least 27 U.S. States, according to the Huffington Post.



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