Watch Russell Brand Expose The Fox News Propaganda Machine

Actor and activist Russell Brand is at it again and this time he has set his sights on conservative radio host and Fox News pundit Sean Hannity.

Brand, who has recently started calling out Fox News for their blatant use of incendiary intimidation tactics, has once again taken up linguistic arms on his YouTube show The Trews. Russell tackles the absurd bias shown by Fox over the recent conflict in Gaza and points out how repeated yelling doesn’t substitute for the truth.

In this recent episode of The Trews, Brand shatters the all too familiar pro-Israeli bias that is being perpetuated by most of the English speaking world’s corporate media. While we here at Live Free Live Natural are sympathetic to both sides of this horrible conflict, only one side is being shown on TV, while the other side is being show on the internet. We think Russell Brand breaks it down perfectly.

And it’s not just the “conservative” media that is pushing this astonishingly pro-war stance on the Israeli-Hamas conflict. Bob Schieffer of CBS, often considered a “liberal” media outlet, made many of the same dehumanizing claims about the Palestinian people on his show Face the Nation the other night.

We agree with Russell that dehumanizing people is not a proper rationale for accepting the deaths of civilians as a legitimate function of war. This is also not a constructive way to solve this crisis. Watch the breakdown below:

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