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Art and music are some of the ways through which people communicate with and about nature, be it through large-scale wind-powered installations or using technology to make plant-derived sounds.

In the coastal Croatian town of Zadar, architect Nikola Bašić was commissioned by town authorities to create a piece of public art that would highlight the town’s long history, dating all the way back to the Stone Age. Conflict during the Second World War destroyed much of the town’s landmarks, which were rebuilt in less than spectacular form. The town council turned to Bašić to create something unique for their gorgeous shoreline, and the architect decided to incorporate the Adriatic Sea in his design for the Zadar Sea Organ (or “Morske orgulje” in Croatian). It’s an one-of-a-kind installation that produces eerie music, powered by the sea waves themselves. See and hear how it sounds (starts at 2:50):

Sea Organ of ZadarDouglas Pfeiffer Cardoso/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Bašić’s design was inspired by the hydraulis, a pipe organ instrument made by the Greeks, where the air is pushed by natural water source like a waterfall. In the Zadar Sea Organ, there are 35 pipes connected by seven central pipes. As moving water moves through a submerged plastic pipe in the sea, it moves air through these tuned pipes, generating incredible sounds through the openings seen here on the stairs and on top of the walkway.

Sea Organ ZadarLisa/CC BY-NC 2.0
Sea Organ ZadarLike Zadar/Video screen capture
Sea Organ ZadarLike Zadar/Video screen capture

Harmonic principles are brought into the design, by varying the length of the seven central pipes, as one moves along the different stairs placed on the shore. The result is an orchestra of sea-generated sounds that connect the listener with the forces of the sea itself. It’s a powerful concept that brings people to the shore, and gets them to slow down and pay attention to nature’s ebbs and flows.

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