WATCH: Weird Al explains to Fox News host how the internet works

Fox News in America is known for two things: Its conservative slant, and the fact that the people who watch it are really, really old. Which is perhaps why it shouldn’t come as a shock that its hosts sometimes seem stunningly out of touch.


Weird Al has been publishing new music videos every day for eight days to promote his new album – partnering with a number of well known websites to create them, such as Funny Or Die and Yahoo. Here’s an example:

Check out this video of Weird Al, the man who was making parody songs long before YouTube existed. He was a guest on Fox News’s sister business network and had to explain to host Stuart Varney that yes, it is possible to make money from the internet even though a lot of stuff on there is free. Varney seems completely bewildered by the idea.

It’s a good job they don’t let someone so ill-informed present a major business news show, right? Umm… Right?

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