‘We are the party of working people’- Ed Miliband explains why Emily Thornberry had to go

The Labour Party leader has spoken out against the contentious tweet by former Shadow Cabinet minister, Emily Thornberry MP.

Ms Thornberry was pressured to resign her front bench position after she tweeted a picture of a house covered in St. George flags with a white van on the drive saying ‘This is Rochester.’

Ed Miliband wrote in a column for the Daily Mirror: ‘We are the party of working people.

‘And we will always remain the party of working people.

‘That is why I was furious at the tweet by Emily Thornberry which conveyed a sense of disrespect about a family in Rochester, that is why she was right to resign.’

He also made it clear that there was nothing ‘unusual or odd’ about having England flags hanging out of your windows.

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Miliband went on to explain why the Labour Party was a better option for ‘working people’ than the Conservatives or UKIP at next year’s general election.

He said: ‘We will build 200,000 homes a year, abolish the bedroom tax and hire more doctors, nurses, midwives and careworkers and put the right values back at the heart of the NHS and repealing the Health and Social Care Act.

‘That’s a plan to build a country that works for working people.

‘And that is something that neither the Tories nor UKIP will ever do.’

Ed Miliband explains why Emily Thornberry had to go
Emily Thornberry and Ed Miliband (Picture: Getty/PA)

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22 November 2014 | 6:33 pm – Source: metro.co.uk


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