Web Summit: Top 10 insights from the Dublin tech show

Web Summit has wound up its final Dublin-based show – well, for three years anyway. We were there at the start of November to experience all the highlights and madness of the event that sprang out of nowhere six years ago to become a major player on the tech event scene. Here are our top 10 takeaways from Web Summit 2015.  

10. Tech expos can still thrive

Web Summit 2015 expo hall crowd

One of the first things that struck me on arriving at my first Web Summit was how technology exhibitions can still thrive. I don’t mean the education and keynote programmes or after-hours meetups. I mean the dreaded expo hall, where normally you’re more likely to see tumbleweed than a throng of excited techies.

But Web Summit has clearly found a winning formula to give the expo element of the show just as much of a buzz as the 21 streams on offer.

First, stick the booths right in the intersection of all the different stages, and more importantly on the way to the food and coffee areas, ensuring a constant footfall.

Sure, this meant some of the stages had so much background noise from all the excited conversations taking place in the main hall outside, you couldn’t always hear the speaker. But for the purpose of the event and the hundreds of startups that had paid just shy of €2,000 to take a stand, it was the right layout decision.

And also make sure you’re attracting a diverse range of exhibitors across hot areas like IoT and robotics, so people actually want to stop and talk to the booth staff. And that way, you’re more likely to stop and talk to that e-commerce or online recruitment firm, as by association they must be hot too, right?

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13 November 2015 | 1:26 pm – Source: v3.co.uk


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