Welsh triplets given different toenail polish to tell them apart

Guess how these parents tell their triplets apart
There’s an identity problem in the Gilbert household (Picture: WALES NEWS SERVICE)

A husband and wife who welcomed triplets into the world have been forced to adopt rather drastic measures to tell their children apart.

Karen and Ian Gilbert, of Pontypool, Wales, paint their children’s toenails different colours.

Ffion toes are fuschia, her sister Maddison’s toes are mint green and Paige has purple polish.

Mrs Gilbert, 33, spoke of her and her husband’s radical decision: ‘It’s not a fashion statement we really struggle to tell them apart.

‘It makes life a lot easier when it comes to our daily routine of feeding, bathing and nappy changing, the colour coding helps us to know who has had what.’

The couple match the colour of the polish to the first letter of each girl’s name to help prevent confusion.

The family get through 120 nappies and 84 bottles of formula milk a week. Yikes.

Let’s hope they become easier to identify as they grow up.

A set of triplets are so identical their parents have to colour code their toe nails to tell them apart. Proud parents Karen and Ian Gilbert from Pontypool in South Wales had to buy bright nail varnish so they knew which of their little girls is which. Baby Ffion has fuschia polish on her toenails, Maddison has mint green and Paige wears purple. Pictured here are the Triplets Colour Coded feet © WALES NEWS SERVICE
Left to Right Paige’s Purple toes, Maddison’s mint green and Ffion’s fushia toenails (Picture: Wales News Service)

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4 August 2014 | 8:27 pm – Source: metro.co.uk

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