Western Digital targets data centres with power-efficient high-capacity disk drives

Western Digital 6TB hard drive

Western Digital believes there is still a market for rotating media in the data centre, and is pushing low power consumption as the selling point for its new Re+ hard drive family, claiming it can slash storage power consumption in half.

Available immediately, the WD Re+ hard drive family is the newest addition to Western Digital’s portfolio of high-capacity data centre storage devices, the firm said. It is being offered in capacities of up to 6TB while consuming just 6W of power.

Western Digital said that rapidly growing demand for storage has landed data centre operators with a problem because scaling out to meet the demand means that power consumption is rocketing.

The firm claims that the Re+ line addresses this by delivering the lowest power consumption of any high-capacity 3.5in hard drive available today.

“With a leading watt-per-gigabyte ratio and the long-trusted reliability of the WD Re hard drive platform, WD Re+ offers customers with limited power budgets a WD Re-class choice for tier-2, high-intensity storage applications,” said Matt Rutledge, Western Digital’s senior vice president of storage technology.

However, data centre customers could also be swayed by flash storage, which is approaching the point where it is on cost parity with rotating media.

SanDisk introduced its InfiniFlash line of all-flash enterprise storage arrays last week at a price of less than $1 per gigabyte. The claimed power consumption of 500W for the 512TB model makes it comparable with the new Re+ drives.

According to Western Digital, the Re+ hard drive family features a dense five-platter platform, which delivers an optimal mix of low power consumption, high capacity, 24×7 reliability and affordability.

The drives feature a 6Gbps Sata host interface offering sustained sequential data rates of up to 225MBps, and a mean time to failure rating of 1.2 million hours. They are designed for high-intensity workloads of 550TB per year.

Western Digital’s older Re models and the Se line designed for SMB and high-end NAS customers will also be available for qualification in 6TB quantities during the next quarter, the firm said.

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10 March 2015 | 4:34 pm – Source: v3.co.uk


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