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This little trailer could be an affordable way to convert just about any bike into an electric bicycle.

There are a lot of different ways to go electric on a bike, ranging from buying a production model electric bike to swapping out a wheel for an electric drive, to building your own ebike, but the Wheezy device is a bit different. Instead of adding a battery and electric motor unit to the bicycle frame itself, this electric bike option bundles the electric drive system into a little trailer that pushes your bike ahead of it.

While electric pushers for bikes aren’t new (Ridekick is one such product on the market), they certainly aren’t as widespread as either purpose-built ebikes or DIY ebike conversions, but they could help open up a segment of the biking market to electric drive options by allowing riders to easily switch their bikes from manual pedaling to electric assist, depending on the situation.

The Wheezy Ebike device is a 250W electric hub motor powered by a 25V NiMH battery pack, which drives an auxiliary wheel, all built into a tiny trailer that connects to the bike’s rear wheel nut via a quick-connect fitting. A pedal assist sensor installed on the bike’s bottom bracket allows the Wheezy to seamlessly add electric drive to the bike’s motion, or an optional handlebar throttle can be used to manually control the unit.

Wheezy Ebike© Wheezy

The Wheezy has a built-in 1.5A charger to charge the 166Wh battery pack, and the whole 11.5 kg unit can be easily removed and wheeled inside for charging or storage or security. The estimated range of a Wheezy is about 20-50km (12-31 miles) per full charge, depending on ride conditions, and a full charge can take anywhere from 2.4 to 4 hours, depending on the battery capacity.

Because the unit is designed to be mounted to a bike’s rear wheel nut, not its frame, the Wheezy is said to be ‘plug and play’ with most bike designs, and its price, which for Kickstarter backers is £259 ($393 USD) for the Basic version, is just a fraction of the price of many other ebike conversions or solutions.

The Wheezy is also being offered in two other higher-powered versions, a 500W motor with a 220Wh battery, and a 700W with a 280 Wh battery, at pledges of higher amounts to campaign backers. For more information, see the Wheezy Ebike website or the Kickstarter campaign page.

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8 October 2015 | 6:56 pm – Source: treehugger.com


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