Where To Find Antony Gormley Sculptures In London

Antony Gormley became a household name thanks to his Angel of the North statue near Gateshead. In recent years, though, he’s received something of a backlash. Perhaps it’s the ubiquity of his work — familiarity breeds contempt. Or maybe it’s the perceived egotism of reproducing one’s own body over and over again. Gormley has his own metallic clone army, with sentries in cathedrals, beaches and town squares all over the country. Steven Moffat’s no doubt working up some kind of invasion plan as we speak.

London is particularly replete with Gormley installations. The latest is a Mayfair hotel room shaped like an 8-bit computer character, or a foetal Decepticon. You probably can’t afford to stay there (it’s rumoured to be £2,500 a night), but it will be freely visitable on Open House weekend in September.

Click through the gallery above to discover some of Gormley’s capital contributions. How many have you seen?

(Note, to keep the gallery of images manageable, we’ve left out most temporary exhibitions and Event Horizon (2007), which saw 31 copies of Gormley’s body dotted around the Southbank and Strand areas.)

All images by the author except One and Other by Will Wiles and Peckham bollards from Google Street View.

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12 August 2014 | 1:00 pm – Source: londonist.com

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