Who dunnit? Lego reconstruction recreates murder of Michelle Keegan’s Coronation Street character Tina McIntyre

Who dunnit? Lego recreates Michelle Keegan murder on Corrie
The four suspects in Tina’s murder were revealed recently (Picture: SWNS)

One of the biggest Coronation Street plots in history ‘Who killed Tina McIntyre?’ has been lovingly recreated out of Lego.

The dramatic Weatherfield storyline has gripped the nation and will come to a head when the real murderer is revealed later this month.

But cheeky staff at Manchester’s Legoland Discovery Centre have recreated her dramatic final moments out of bricks.

The four suspects, revealed on Sunday to be Rob Donovan, Peter, Carlo or Tracy Barlow have each been pictured at the fateful scene.

The four suspects were each placed at the scene by Lego staff (Picture: SWNS)
The four suspects were each placed at the scene by Lego staff (Picture: SWNS)

The soap’s creators have filmed the four different endings and are inviting viewers to make their predictions as to who killed Tina.

A team of Manchester-based Lego builders have now made each of the characters out of minifigures and even released a series of ‘mugshot’ photos.

Earlier last year Michelle Keegan, 26, quit the soap after six years to concentrate on other acting projects. Her final death will be screened on ITV on June 2.

But only one is the killer... who could it be? (Picture: SWNS)
But only one is the killer… who could it be? (Picture: SWNS)

19 May 2014 | 6:57 pm – Source: metro.co.uk

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