Why was this North Carolina man clinging to the back of a speeding car?

You see it all the time in action movies – the villain tries to flee and the hero bravely clings to the top of the car – but it’s not often you see the stunt pulled in real life.

A family from Charlotte in North Carolina couldn’t believe their eyes when they noticed a car driving at high speed down Interstate 77 with a man holding on to the top of the car.

Brenda Cruz and her 17-year-old son Samuel were driving on Saturday afternoon when they saw someone on top of a white sedan, which was being driven by a woman and had a child in the back seat.

Why was this man clinging to the back of a speeding car?
High-speed: Mrs Cruz says the car was going over 50mph (Picture: GlobalNews/YouTube)

‘All of a sudden the kid says, “There’s someone on top of the car’s trunk” and I’m like “what?” said Brenda.

Other drivers slowed to watched the man struggle to stay on top of the car, which Brenda estimates was going at least 50mph.

(Picture: GlobalNews/YouTube)
The man reportedly smashed the back window of the car and climbed in (Picture: GlobalNews/YouTube)

Brenda and Samuel say they then saw the man smash the back window of the car and climb inside.

‘I’m really worried ’cause I just hope she’s okay, you know, with her kid,’ said Samuel.

Police were called but were unable to find the car and say they are trying to figure out what happened.

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Source: metro.co.uk

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