Wikipedia bans US lawmakers from editing site after ‘disruptive revisions’

Wikipedia bans edits by government iPs after 'disruptive revisions'
Wikipedia banned the IP address for ‘disruptive’ changes (Picture: Wikipedia)

Wikipedia has banned editing from computers at the US House of Representatives after ‘disruptive’ changes were made anonymously to pages about politicians, businesses and historical events.

The 10-day ban was imposed on a selection of computers sharing the US Capitol IP address when revisions were made that included claiming Donald Rumsfeld was a baby-eating alien lizard and John F Kennedy’s assassin Lee Harvey Oswald acted on behalf of Fidel Castro.

The edits were pointed out by Twitter account @congressedits, which keeps track of Wikipedia changes made from US Congress IP addresses.

Wikipedia bans edits by government iPs after 'disruptive revisions'
Former US defence secretary Donald Rumsfeld was described as an alien lizard that ate Mexican babies (AP Photo/Wally Santana)

‘Administrators have the ability to block users from editing if they repeatedly engage in vandalism,’ said Katherine Maher, a spokesperson for Wikimedia Foundation, who run Wikipedia.

‘In this case, the decision was made by a member of the English Wikipedia community, based on their assessment that the IP address in question was being used for disruptive editing.

‘Wikipedia English has a behavioural guideline against disruptive editing.’

While Wikipedia can revert pages to an earlier version or remove unhelpful additions without much trouble, for a short time Mediaite was described as a ‘sexist transphobic blog’ and political journalist Ben Smith was labelled a ‘Smirnoff Ice enthusiast’.

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