Windows 10 Technical Preview update brings Cortana to the UK

Microsoft has released another build of Windows 10

Windows 10 Technical Preview users in the UK can now access Microsoft’s personal assistant Cortana as the latest ‘fast’ build version of the forthcoming operating system is rolled out.

The latest release, Build 10041, brings a raft of a new feature to users in this channel, as well as fixing numerous bug issues.

The most notable development is the arrival of Cortana in new markets outside the US, covering China, the UK, France, Italy, Germany, and Spain, as Gabriel Aul, Microsoft General Manager of the OSG Data and Fundamentals Team, explained.

“Cortana learns your preferences and provides smarter recommendations over time. Cortana is still fairly new to the desktop but we are continuing to fix bugs and add new capabilities all the time,” he noted.

Other improvements have been included in the fix, covering tools such as the Start menu, Virtual Desktops and enhancements to the Photos app.

Microsoft has also updated the Windows Feedback programme included within the Windows 10 Technical Preview to make it easier for Windows Insiders users to submit their responses.

“The Windows Feedback app now has the ability to filter your feedback as well as suggestions versus problems,” Aul said.

“’Me too’ functionality shows up in search results so you can quickly add your ‘Me too’ to items directly from the search results view. We’ve also made performance improvements around launching the app, category download, search results, and submitting feedback.”

Notable by its absence is Microsoft’s Spartan browser, which was expected to be included in this build. There is no word from Aul on why it is not included. Microsoft confirmed earlier this week Spartan will supersede Internet Explorer on Windows 10, although stopped short of confirming that IE is being killed off.

Aul also noted that some flaws from the previous 9926 build had been fixed, such as problems that prevented the Start button from working properly.

Microsoft also revealed it is working for an update on Windows 10 Technical Preview for phones.

“We’re working hard to bring you a new build of Windows 10 for phones as well but we need a bit more time for that one, and we still expect to support additional phones when we release it.”

The announcements come during a busy week for Microsoft that has seen it confirm Windows 10 will release in the summer, pitch its Azure platform to the growing Internet of Things (IoT) trend and rebrand Lync as Skype for Business.

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