Windows XP cut-off, Apple revamps the iPhone and cloud dramas: Top 10 2014 tech events

Where does the time go? The technology sector moves on at a fair old pace, and the past 12 months have been filled with headline-grabbing, jaw-dropping, earth-shattering events that caused even the most hardened industry watcher to raise an eyebrow or two.

From companies splitting up, to the end of beloved software like Windows XP, there was rarely a dull moment. However, it can be hard to remember it all, especially with 2015 round the corner and everyone no doubt looking to the year ahead.

So V3 has cast its beady eye back over the year to round-up what we think were the trends, announcements, events and shocks that dominated the industry.

10. Right to be Forgotten ruling poses risk to web’s history

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The European Court of Justice (ECJ) issued a decision in May that backed the so-called ‘right to be forgotten’.

This led to major upheaval in the online world by creating serious debate about whether search results should be hidden in such a way.

The case was brought by a Spanish man who claimed that an auction notice of his repossessed home returned by a Google search was an infringement on his privacy.

The ECJ had been advised not to rule that Google should be forced to delete searches when requested by web users in an opinion in 2013, but the court disagreed.

Since then Google has been inundated with requests from people wanting specific search terms and the subsequent results removed from its listings.

Google has been attempting to lobby Europe to have the laws amended or curtailed, actions which have already led to a rebuke from some MEPs.

Furthermore, the European data protection watchdog, the Article 29 Working Party, has said that the ruling should apply to all domains across the world, such as .com, not just the country from which the request is made.

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